Motherboard Makers Looking to End Year on a Positive Note


Motherboard makers have had a tough go this past year as consumers cut back spending, but if September is any indication, the worst may be behind them.

Several first-tier mobo makers -- including Asus, Pegatron, MSI, ECS, and Gigabyte -- reported on-month revenue increases for September, which serves as a ray of light in a year where most motherboard companies are down about 20 percent from this same time last year.

The biggest winner appears to be Gigabyte, who saw its month-on-month numbers surge 17 percent and is now only down 2.77 percent from last year. Gigabyte was also one of the most active mobo makers, shipping 5 million units in the third quarter. Only Asus shipped more boards at just under 6 million, but the company also recorded the biggest year-on-year decrease with revenues down 22.3 percent from last year (up 3 percent on the month).

Image Credit: TomsHardware

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