More Streaming Content Coming to Netflix

Paul Lilly

As much as we love our streaming Netflix service, if there's one gripe (and it's a pretty big one), it's that the catalog of titles isn't anywhere near as fleshed out as we'd like it to be. But hey, at least Netflix is headed in the right direction, as evidenced by a deal with premium cable channel Epix reportedly valued at over $900 million.

Who the frak is Epix, you ask? Epix is owned and operated by Studio 3 Partners, a joint venture that includes Viacom (Paramount Pictures), MGM, and Lionsgate, all of which we're willing to bet you have heard of.

Under terms of the near $1 billion deal, Netflix will be allowed to stream titles from all three studios 90 days after they make their debut on Epix, giving the streaming service access to a greater number of big name titles.

The first such titles will start to trickle out on September 1st.

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