More of a Drizzle: Bulletstorm Demo Skipping PC

Nathan Grayson

Itching to get your hands on Epic and People Can Fly's upcoming mix of sweet shooting and spicy language? Well, buy a cream or something, because you'll be sitting on the sidelines until the game's February 22 release date.

Xbox 360 and PS3 players' forecasts, meanwhile, see a full-to-bursting storm system on a January 25 collision course with their consoles. So, why are they getting a demo a month early while you have to make a blind purchase almost a month later? Epic's Mark Rein wouldn't say. He did, however, tell Blue's News that there are no plans for a PC demo at this time.

Still though, seems like a rather unfortunate move on Epic's part. We're hardly businessmen, but putting a tangible piece of your new, unproven IP into as many gamers' hands as possible as quickly as possible seems like a no-brainer. Also – while we definitely don't endorse it – too many PC gamers tend to have a “No demo? Ok then, piracy!” policy. Bulletstorm may have gained a reputation for being goofy and somewhat mindless, but that doesn't mean its pre-release build-up should follow suit.

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