More Motherboard Price Increases Coming in May

Paul Lilly

The stars are aligned to build your next homebrewed rig, or to simply upgrade your existing platform. Assuming you didn't procrastinate, you should have received your tax refund by now, the Sandy Bridge situation is largely a thing of the past, and this might be as low as motherboard prices are going to get for awhile.

Those always chatty sources behind the lines at motherboard vendors tell DigiTimes that upstream component shortages caused by the earthquake in Japan are triggering a second round of motherboard price hikes, which will take place in May. Already motherboard vendors have noticed price fluctuations in raw materials and components. amd they'll look to offset higher costs by charging more for motherboards.

Sources say prices will likely go up anywhere from 3-8 percent in May, and then adjust accordingly each month. As mentioned, this is the second time in 2011 that motherboard vendors have had to raise prices. According to DigiTimes, both Asus and Gigabyte previously raised mobo prices by around 5-10 percent, which didn't really affect the overall price of a PC. This time around, however, the increased component costs extend beyond motherboards and could end up affecting consumer demand for PCs, DigiTimes says.

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