More Maybe-Screenshots of Google's Chrome OS Surface

Paul Lilly

Here we go again. TechCrunch on Monday said it received a pair of screenshots claiming to show what Google's upcoming Chrome OS will look like. But this isn't the first time screenshots of the OS have purportedly been leaked, and likely not the last.

Google announced the browser-based OS back in July, prompting no shortage of alleged screen grabs surfacing on the Web. At least one of the incidents were confirmed fake, when a graphics designer who posted the false images admitted doing so on his blog.

So what makes these latest shots any different? Nothing, other than no one has confirmed or debunked them yet, so take these images at face value. Should they turn out to be legit, it would appear Google is taking a minimalistic approach to GUI design, just as it did with its Chrome browser. The supposed screenshots show a dock on the right-hand side with large icons to a handful of Google apps, along with an integrated search bar on the bottom of the screen. And that's it.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

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