More AMD E-450 APU Details Emerge

Pulkit Chandna

Announced last month at Computex, the E-450 Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) will be joining AMD’s E-Series of Fusion chips later this year. While there’s quite a lot that we already know about the chip, Fudzilla claims to have found the remaining pieces of the E-450 puzzle.

It’s already known that the E-450 will have two Bobcat cores clocked at 1.65GHz and an 80 SP GPU. Clearly, it’s just a marginal improvement compared to the E-350, which also has a similar setup with two 1.60GHz Bobcat cores, and an on-die Radeon 6310 graphics core with 80 stream processors.

According to Fudzilla, the E-450 features a slightly updated graphics part labeled Radeon 6320. Apparently, not only does the Radeon 6320 have a higher clock speed  of 508MHz compared to the 6310 (400MHz), but AMD’s Turbo Core automated overclocking technology - meant for the GPU and not the CPU in this case - can take it to 600MHz. Further, the new APU is said to support 1333MHz DDR3 memory.

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