Modern Warfare 2 Disallows Dedicated Servers, Generates 85,000 Signature Petition

Nathan Grayson

Say it ain’t so, Infinity Ward. Say you didn’t announce IWNet , a proprietary multiplayer platform for Modern Wafare 2 that makes PC gaming more accessible at the cost of dedicated servers and maybe even modded maps!

“You’re completely reliant on IWNet and there is no dedicated server or server list. You rely on IWNet for matchmaking and your games, but you still have your private matches,” Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling said.


Now look, Infinity Ward, we can still be reasonable about this. No need to light the very short fuse on, say, an Internet petition or something like that.


The petition – which was planted in the Internet’s fertile soils yesterday – has already ballooned up to 85,437 signatures. In one day. Based on this, here's a bit of advice, Activision: Stop trying to make off with everything PC gamers hold dear . We kind of like having those things around.

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