Modder Saves Dark Souls PC Port from Crappy Resolution Restriction

Paul Lilly

It took forever and a day (actually, just a year, it only feels longer), but From Software's popular console title, Dark Souls, is now available on the PC. The console version of the Japanese hit was generally lauded by reviewers and game critics, and for better or worse, PC gamers finally get to see what all the fuss is about in a faithful port of the title to Windows.

Perhaps too faithful. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (as publisher Namco Bandai has rebranded it for the PC) locked the resolution at 1024x720. Most PC gamers, and especially hardcore ones, have long since graduated to bigger and better screen resolutions, and luckily for the lot of us, NeoGAF forum member and modder "Durante" came up with a mod within hours of the game's release that allows you to change the resolution.

That's good news, because the game has potential. Our sister site, PC Gamer, posted a three-page online review of the PC port, awarding the game an 89/100 verdict and calling it a "deep, dark, challenging, and impossibly rewarding fantasy RPG."

Check out the review, and if it floats your boat, you can grab the title for $40.

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