Modder Jailbreaks iPad 2 Tablet

Paul Lilly

If we've learned anything from the modding community, it's that they don't mess around. Give them a goal and they'll get it done, as is the case with the iPad 2. Apple's second generation tablet went on sale just before the weekend, and it's already been jailbroken, shedding the shackles of iOS 4.3.

The development community is giving credit for the jailbreak to iOS hacker and twitter user @Comex, who appears to have cracked the device remotely . An uploaded picture shows a white iPad 2 running Cydia, and that's all the details we have to go on. Comex himself isn't saying much about the jailbreak, such as how it works or when he'll take it public. However, it's known that Comex is in possession of a Verizon iPad 2 3G, so it looks like both Wi-Fi and 3G versions of Apple's second generation tablet will soon be cracked open.

The cool thing about jailbroken iPads, and Cydia in particular, is that it allows users to install third-party software outside of Apple's App Store, potentially adding functionality that Apple doesn't approve of. There used to be a bit of a legal cloud hovering over the practice of jailbreaking Apple devices, but in 2010, the Library of Congress added a DMCA exception for jailbreaking/rooting mobile phones, like the iPhone, for "educational purposes."

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