Modder Creates Handheld N64, Makes Us Want One

Ryan Whitwam

The N64 was pretty awesome back in the late 90s when it hooked up to a TV. In the year 2011, we're still impressed by the console, but it's gone through some changes. A modder by the name Hailrazer has created what every 15 year old would have killed for in 1999: a handheld N64 game machine . The name for this magnificent contraption? The N64 Boy Advance.

It is constructed from a Gameboy Advance carrying case and the innards of an N64. The N64 joystick was swapped out for a Gamecube part, which we are assured is much better. A 4.3-inch screen provides video, and the modder stuffed a few camcorder batteries inside to provide power. The cartridge itself slots in the back.

Hailrazer does point out that he made this mod for his own personal use, so some features like the d-pad and external power supply are gone. Our intrepid modder found that he didn't need them. Of all the classic console mods out there, this might be the best we've seen.

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