Mod Shop: Quarterfinals ending!

Nathan Edwards

We're approaching the end of Round 5, the quarterfinals in Mod Shop 's monthly modding tournament. Eight rigs by five modders are in the running for the grand prize - $1200 cash and a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate!

The battles are:

WPA-WOLVERINE 's Pentagram Htpc vs. cc3d 's Phase III

WPA-WOLVERINE 's FireCube vs. Snakez ' Mercury

Joungne 's HYPERCUBE² vs. WPA-WOLVERINE 's Celtic Deathmetal

WPA-WOLVERINE 's Biomech 550 vs. thechoozen 's "J"

The winners of this round's battles move on to the semi-finals, while the rest take Honorable Mention - a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate!

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