Mod Shop Gamers' Challenge Winners Announced!

Nathan Edwards

The Mod Shop might be heading for the workshop in the sky , but that doesn't mean we're leaving our Gamers' Challenge contestants in the cold.

The contest prompt: Create your best mod featuring a brand, character (or characters), or theme from a game of your choice. Winner gets an all-expenses-paid trip to PAX.

We had a really hard time picking the winners for this one - they were all so good, we wish we could have chosen them all. But that's not how this works, so in the end our intrepid panel of judges had to pick just three: one Grand Prize winner, one Second Place, and a Juror's Prize for best first-time mod.

So without further ado:

Grand Prize: jadragon's Mostly Harmless

All-expense-paid trip to the Penny Arcade Expo !

Based on the 1984 Infocom adventure game Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , jadragon's entry is created in the Vogon style, and includes an integrated LCD "Hitchhiker's Guide". Jadragon's attention to detail really stood out to us - check out his worklog for the skinny!

Second Prize: milotic858's C&C GDI War Factory

8GB Zune , $100 NewEgg Gift Certificate

For milotic585's first full-fab mod, she opted to create a PC inside a replica of a GDI War Factory from Command & Conquer 3 . Note the crane above the Factory. We love this mod, and hope to see more from Milotic here.

Juror's Prize: the1loneninja's HALO

$100 NewEgg gift certificate

Color us impressed by the1loneninja's very first case mod - window etching, cutouts, and even an integrated monitor!

Thanks to everyone who entered; there wasn't a bad rig in the bunch, and we we wish we could have picked all of you. See all the contestants here .

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