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Saxon’s WWII Online Mod

MPC Forum user Saxon of the new(ish) Saxon Computers has a mod up in the Modder’s Workshop that’s worth a good hard look. Despite the fact that it may look like an in the box mod, Saxon built this case ground up. The pictures don’t enlarge enough to make it clear, but not only is the monitor integrated, the keyboard is as well. And that compass? Yeah – that’s real. But, as we approach the holidays, Saxon’s dedication of this mod in his mother’s memory reminds us (or at least me) that life is not lived on the internets alone (and maybe I should stop complaining so much about all the turkey leftovers).

This one’s for you Saxon. You have my permission to fly the tower!

Shop Talk

The Mod Shop is down to the two finalists in it’s second official tournament. Drop on by and cast your vote for either the MaxPC or Boss-FX-57 . Don’t wait! Voting closes at midnight tonight!

Project Nautilus

For those of you following Project Nautilus, there have been updations! Last we left off I had just finished cutting the outer window of what will eventually be a window in window mod. While progress has been slowed by the holidays, there has been progress none-the-less. This week I cut the plexiglass down to size – and (re)learned a few lessons.

Since this will be a window-in-window mod, I’m forced to cut and mount the “outer” window first so that the inner window will line up properly when it is finally cut. No big task, unless you like to introduce new tools to the budding (and long passed bloomed) modder as I do.

For some time I have seen scribes for sale that promise to make straight cuts in plexi. The concept is a familiar one if you have ever cut glass. One simply scribes the surface of the material, and then clamps the cut to the edge of a table. A quick flick of the wrists and the material is supposed to break on a perfectly straight line. Simple - right.

An hour after trying my first cut, I finally admitted defeat to a piece of 1/8 inch plastic. Maybe I just don’t have the proper “wrist technique,” but the scribe no worky for me. Solution? Back to the old school – I have one word for you…


I know there are folks who are suddenly screaming as the memories of chipped and cracked plexi flash back through their minds. Really though, with a few tips you can cut plexi just fine with a jig saw.

Tip 1 – make sure the protective coating is on the material and the jigsaw foot is clean. No protective coating? Use tape to cover it up. Scratches are not pretty.

Tip 2 – Do not use a wood or scroll blade! This is the number one reason for chipping and cracking during a cut. For 1/8" thick material, use an 18 teeth per inch (TPI) blade. For 1/4" thick material, you may find you need a 14 TPI – but go no lower.

Tip 3 – Clamp your work down and give it plenty of support. The less the material can move around or “vibrate”, the better.

Tip 4
– Cut a few inches at a time and then back the blade off and stop for a few seconds. This will prevent the plastic from heating up and the blade from melting to it.

That’s it, no fancy tool needed – just a plain old jigsaw. Don’t forget to read the instructions for all tools you use though.

I’m off to find a 5.25” hole saw now…

Our bling today comes from a familiar source. MNPCTech's Phenom project parts one and two !

Happy modding and Happy Holidays!

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