Mod Blog: Post Holiday Shopping


With the Holidays past, I decided to do some post holiday shopping and picked up a few things Santa held back from me - most likely in an attempt to save the planet from disaster (Really, I can’t see why I didn’t merit a flux capacitor – I’ve been extra good!).

I pickup up one of these multifunction panels from a trusty e-tailer and hope to see it delivered soon. I’ll report on my experience after I break…..erm…install it. In the mean time, the whole shopping experience got me wondering if modders realize just how many resources are available to them. Of course there are places like Xoxide and MNPCtech that specialize in accessories for modding, but not all modding materials have to come from a modding specific source. In the past I have blogged about products from art/hobby and hardware retailers, but I seem to always forget about one type of retailer you may have right around the corner. The auto accessory/parts shop in your neighborhood may have just what you need to top off that mod.

12V, 20A Blue LED switches - ready for deployment!

Car enthusiasts and PC enthusiasts have a great deal in common (just ask Jon Philips, MPC’s editorial director, who is into both). As such, you can find a great deal of moddelicious stuff at an auto parts retailer; pin striping, u-channel, chrome flame siding, hood scoops, switches, speakers, cable sleeving, and of course, no mod is complete without a new oil filter.

A bit of paint and these side scoops will be great mod accents (and functional)

The nice thing about the electronic auto bling you find in these stores is that it’s all 12 volt (and mostly <20 amps) – just waiting to be hooked to a nice PSU. For me though, I like walking around and getting ideas by looking at stuff. Sure, the employees give me odd looks – and the store security guys seem to find me attractive, but ideas are around every chamois filled end-cap.

Can you get more stylish than using a 1965 Ford Mustang Washer reservoir as your water cooling reservoir? I think not.

Today’s bling is MNPCtech’s Full Metal Alchemist Tribute video.

Enjoy, and Happy Moddin!

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