Mod Blog: Dremel's EZLock System


Rotary tools and cut-off wheel should be in just about every modder's tool kit. Together they can cut windows in side panels, take ends off of screws that are just a wee bit too long, and, in a skilled hand, cut artistic designs in plastic, acrylic or metal.

My only complaint with rotary tools and cutoff wheels is that they wear very fast and changing them is a pain. Switching out a cutoff wheel requires a tiny wrench and screwdriver to remove the tiny arbor screw (which you will eventually lose) and hands more steady than a brain surgeon that specializes in hummingbirds.

Dremel has felt my (and your) pain. The EZ Lock system from Dremel looks to try to end the switch-a-roo snafu with a quick change mandrel and special attachments. And does it work? You bet! I can switch out a cutoff wheel in 2 second flat now – and no lost arbor screw.

But wait, there’s more!

The starter kit can be had for <$20 USD and includes the mandrel and five double-life cutoff wheels for metal. Other available accessories include cutoff wheels for both wood and plastic – and , a diamond impregnated wheel for ceramic and soft stone cutting (DIY Go-L anyone?). Dremel also offers EZLock polishing wheels and pre-impregnated (180, 280, and 350 grit) polishing buffs.

Not using a Dremel? The mandrel is 1/8” diameter and has a 35,000 RPM maximum. Of course, check with your rotary tool’s manufacturer to see if they feel it’s compatible.

Happy Cuttin’

Today’s bling is the Pimp Rig tribute video coming out of that well known Minnesota mod shop and includes cameos of some of the best modders in the lower 48. Enjoy, but grab some popcorn – it’s 20 minutes+.

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