Mobile VMware Will Let Your Mobile Devices Run Multiple OSes at the Same Time

Maximum PC Staff

In a recently released video , a Nokia N800 that has been loaded up with VMware’s MVP hypervisor can be seen running Windows CE and Android simultaneously. Make no mistake about it, this is some cool stuff!

Now, admittedly the video is a virtualization, but the hypervisor is an extremely small virtual machine that will run beneath the phone’s operating system(s). It then creates virtual platforms on the device that it’s installed on, allowing OSes to be installed like apps. Since the virtual machine is what deals with the gadget’s firmware, you can theoretically run any OS that you’d like without the worries of driver compatibility.

VMware has stated that they’re in talks with manufacturers to have their hypervisor included with handsets so that dual booting could be possible. Though, there’s no clear reason as to why a manufacturer would license this software. Sadly, the idea of hardware virtualization, parallel mobile OSes and hypervisors are a bit much for mass marketing.

Image Credit: VMware

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