Mobile Demand Could Cause Shortage of PC Memory

Paul Lilly

DRAM makers haven't had much to celebrate in a long time, and as profits took a nose dive, some wondered if they'd be better off bailing on the PC RAM industry, as OCZ did earlier this year. But at least one memory maker is optimistic about the DRAM and NAND flash memory markets going forward. Transcend chairman Peter Shu believes things are getting ready to improve in the second half of 2011, which is good news for memory makers, but at what cost?

According to news and rumor site DigiTimes , chip makers have shifted gears to focus on mobile RAM and NAND flash memory because of the superior growth potential. This, DigiTimes says, could negatively impact PC DRAM availability in the second half of 2011, first in the form of an under supply, and then price hikes to follow.

Kingston co-founder David Sun recently stated essentially the same thing, saying that demand for both NAND flash memory and PC DRAM could substantially exceed supply, resulting in limited output from chip makers.

Image Credit: Transcend

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