Mobile Browser Share Tops 10 Percent for First Time

Paul Lilly

In case further proof is needed that mobile devices are the hottest items on the planet right now, consider that, for the very first time, tablets and handheld devices like smartphones and media players now account for more than 10 percent of all web browsing, according to data collected by Net Market Share . The desktop is still the dominant platform in the surfing space, and probably will be for a long while to come, but there's no denying the mobile movement.

Mobile browsing has nearly doubled from a year ago, going from a 5.52 percent share of the market in October 2011 to 10.29 percent in October 2012. In that same time frame, the share of browsing occurring on desktops has declined from 94.16 percent to 89.37 percent. The gap may even be a little closer, depending on mobile app usage.

"For the first time in our sample, browsing on mobile devices has exceeded 10 percent of all browsing. This actually underestimates the total amount of browsing share on mobile devices, since our sample does not contain data on apps, like maps," Net Market Share said.

Consoles, meanwhile, barely register a blip on Net Market Share's radar, and have held steady with a 0.02 percent share of the browsing market for more than a year. It's unclear, however, if handheld consoles fall into the mobile category or into consoles.

As far as mobile browsers go, Safari sits on top with a 60.13 percent share of the market, followed by Android at 25.95 percent, Opera Mini at 8.24 percent, Blackberry at 1.32 percent, Symbian at 0.89 percent, and all others accounting for 3.29 percent.

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