MobiBLU 1GB DAH 500I


Mobiblu’s DAH-1500i is smaller than a single cubic inch and has the crisp OLED display the iPod Shuffle forgot to include. But the diminutive size and design are more of a hindrance than a convenience, unless you’re a complete sucker for novelty.

Like a jellyfish, the DAH-1500i uses a single orifice to perform all necessary functions—transferring tracks, charging, and connecting headphones. That’s nice, but the bundled earbuds’ cable is only long enough if you’re wearing the player around your neck (and looking like a tool in the process).

Swapped out with your own earbuds, the square form feels weird in your pocket and is difficult to operate without looking at the controls. The sound is acceptable for exercising and whatnot, with particularly deep bass, but not exceptional otherwise. Battery life earns a shrug at a little more than eight hours at 75 percent volume.

We appreciate that you load the DAH-1500i using Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player, that it supports directory structures, plays WMA and protected WMA tracks, and includes a custom five-band EQ facility. It’s no loser, especially for the price, but we can’t recommend it unless you require a gimmick to initiate conversations.
-- Logan Decker

Month Reviewed: Holiday 2005

Verdict: 6

+ Cats: A surprising number of features, including a very sharp display.

- Gnats: Controls are way too small for comfort; blah sound.


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