MNPCTECH Creates Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod

Brad Chacos

Yeah, some of EA’s recent actions might have some of us scratching our heads, but c’mon – Battlefield 3 is Battlefield 3. You can’t deny that it’s going to be huge. To commemorate the game’s launch on October 25th, Bill Owen and the crew at MNPCTech – the very same folks who made the super-spiffy Star Trek PC earlier this year – slapped together a badass BF3 case mod.

You can see a step-by-step log of the build over at the Case Mod Blog , but here’s a quick rundown: the guys started with one of Fractal Design’s Arc Mid tower cases, then stripped it down and covered every in of it in camouflage paint – even the interior. They added some recessed handles accented by chrome diamond plate to make it both portable and rugged looking, then got down to the fun stuff. Airbrush master Brad Galvin created a “peeled-back” look on the side of the rig, then painted BF3’s glowing soldier image coming out of it. They then finished things up to using a Dremel to add bullet holes to the acrylic panel on one side of the machine.

It came out awesome. Again, check out the Case Mod Blog for a ton of step-by-step pics.

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