Mmmm, Donuts! Google Releases Android 1.6 SDK for Developers

Paul Lilly

G1 and other Android device owners have been devouring the open source OS's "Cupcake" update since May, but it will soon be time to sample Google's "Donut" release.

Otherwise known as Android 1.6, Google today launched its Donut update to developers sprinkled with a sweet sampling of new features, including CDMA support. While this doesn't directly affect T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G owners, CDMA support paves the way for Verizon, Sprint, and Virgin Mobile to release Android-based devices, which would increase the Android userbase and potentially lead to even more developer support. As it stands, the Android Market already boasts around 10,000 apps.

Android 1.6 also supports higher resolutions up to 800x480. Other changes include UI improvements, such as a "Quick Search" box now prominently displayed on home screen giving users the ability to scour the web, bookmarks, history, and contacts all in one shot; a new battery usage monitor, which also keeps track of which apps are hogging up CPU and RAM resources; and Android Market improvements complete with a minor face lift.

Less obvious enhancements include a new kernel, support for custom gestures within apps, and a bunch of APIs.

Right now only developers get to have all the fun, but look for the tasty update to start rolling out sometime in October.

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