MixBit Video-Stitching App Launched By YouTube Founders

Brittany Vincent

Social video sharing app allows up to 256 clips to be mixed together

If sharing short clips on popular video-sharing website Vine is your thing, you might just be the target audience YouTube is looking to capitalize on with its upcoming MixBit app.

MixBit, via CNET , already saw an iOS release on Thursday, with an Android version due out in September, and it's a free download to boot. It allows users to take short video clips and stitch them together with clips shared by other users to create longer magnum opuses.

You can record, edit, and publish videos as long as an hour via MixBit, straight from your device. Each clip, however, is allotted only 16 seconds apiece, though you can stitch together up to 256 clips for one production.

Remixing personal clips and those shared by other users will be MixBit's "hook," and we smell a viral hit coming on, seeing as how Vine seemed to skyrocket in popularity over the last few months. Social media matters aside, this app could be used to explore some interesting venues in filmmaking. Either way, you might want to brush up on those directorial skills.

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