Mitsubishi Sets Release Date for Super Large OLED Display

Paul Lilly

Forget for a minute that OLED technology is still incredibly expensive, Mitsubishi doesn't give a hoot. What the company does care about is releasing what it claims the world's first large-scale OLED display in the 100-inch and higher range.

Mitsubishi's "Diamond Vision OLED" qualifies by a mile, checking in at 155 inches. But before you go emptying the kids' college fund and putting a lien on that property in the Hamptons, bear in mind this display isn't destined for living room use. It is, however, designed for indoor use, such as large digital signs in airports and other commercial facilities.

There's not a whole lot of details available in terms of specs. Mitsubishi says the screen offers wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles of about +/- 80 degrees along with a maximum brightness of 1,200cd/m2.

Sales will begin worldwide beginning September 21, 2010, though no word on price.

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