Mitsubishi Bids Adieu to LCD TVs

Paul Lilly

Your Mitsubishi brand LCD TV is about to become a relic of sorts. In a strange, and perhaps desperate move, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America is reportedly drop kicking LCD TV production as part of a restructuring process that will also include handing out pink slips. Mitsubishi said its goal is to "reclaim [its] position as the large screen company," but without LCD TVs. How exactly does the display maker plan to do that?

By putting its efforts into DLP TVs, of course. According to TWICE Mobile , Mitsubishi plans to concentrate on micro-display rear- and front-projection systems measuring 73 inches and larger. Back at CES, Mitsubishi was showing off a 92-inch DLP TV.

For the professional systems market, Mitsubishi will also concentrate on projector sales, display walls, printers, and large public display screens, such as stadium-sized LED displays and scoreboards.

Image Credit: Mitsubishi

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