MIT Students Create Working, "Minority Report" Inspired Gloves


If one were to anthropomorphize contemporary computer navigation technology, it would be a grave-bound man living in constant fear ever since Minority Report's release. However, most people would agree that the gesture-based interface depicted in the film has lost a bit of its novelty. It is no longer as challenging an undertaking as it seemed back when the movie first hit theaters.

After all, we now live in a world that is counting down to body-controlled gaming on the Xbox 360 – not to mention other similar technologies currently under development . But come to think of it again, nothing really beats Minority Report for some odd reason.

Using the movie as an inspiration, two MIT students, Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez, have been working on something they call the Glove Mouse . It is basically a pair of gloves that lets the user control a computer using just hand gestures.

The duo has now succeeded in making the gloves wireless. No, we are not talking Bluetooth here. The latest upgrade features RF transmitters and receivers, allowing it to go wireless. The Minority Report-style interface only cost the duo around $100. Apart from the gloves that feature an LED each on the rear, the setup includes a low-res webcam that functions like a cursor and a briefcase that houses the reciever circuit.

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