MIT Software Turns Your Mobile Phone into a Supercomputer

Paul Lilly

The next time someone asks about that bulge coming from your khakis, you can confidently respond, "Why yes, yes that is a supercomputer in my pocket, and I am happy to see you."

You'll be telling the truth if you install MIT's new software designed to perform complex simulations on mobile phones. The software simulates physical phenomena, such has how cracks form in building materials and how fluids flow in irregular channels, crunching the numbers in seconds that would typically take a supercomputer hours to calculate.

As the eggheads at MIT explain it, the software is designed for situations where the general form of a problem is already known in advance, just not the details.

"This is a very relevant situation," says David Knezevic, a postdoc in the department who helped lead the project. "Often in engineering contexts, you know a priori that your problem is parametrized, but you don't know until you get into the field what parameters you're interested in."

MIT News has a whole bunch more on the topic right here .

Image Credit: MIT News

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