Missouri University Makes Apple iPhone a Course Requirement

Maximum PC Staff

According to the website for the Missouri University School of Journalism, “Effective Fall 2009, students majoring in Journalism at Missouri are required to have either an iPod Touch (the minimum requirement) or iPhone to allow for the delivery of freshman-orientation information as well as course material. Students will electronically download such material to either of those devices from iTunes University, a no-cost component of the iTunes Store.”

On top of this, undergraduate students will be required to have wireless laptops, with Microsoft Office installed. “Students are encouraged to acquire wireless laptop technology from Apple, which the School has designated as its preferred provider,” continues the website.

And, for those that prefer a Windows machine, “That's an option, but it's one we do not recommend unless you plan to make a career of computer-assisted reporting. By the time you purchase photo, audio and video software for a PC, you probably will have spent more than you would if buying a comparable Apple Computer. Buy a PC if you prefer to do so, but make sure it is wireless and has Microsoft Office. Almost 100 percent of last year's freshmen chose Apple computers.”

As if going to school wasn’t expensive enough, now it would seem that the Apple tax is a requirement. Oh well, what’s another few grand on top of the 40 or so that you’re spending on a year’s tuition?

Image Credit: Missouri University

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