Mionix Naos 7000 Gaming Mouse Uses Lift Calibration to Optimize Tracking

Paul Lilly

This advanced mouse waves a 32-bit ARM processor and 7000 DPI sensor

Mionix isn't a name you hear that all that often in the States, though I tend to perk up when they make an announcement. That's because I played with the company's Naos 8200 mouse a year ago and it quickly became my go-to rodent, at least until my puppy decided it would make a great chew toy. In any event, the Swedish manufacturer of gaming peripherals just another product, the Naos 7000 Gaming Mouse .

The Naos 7000 is ergonomically designed for right-handed gamers with a shape that's molded for a full palm grip with support for all five fingers. I haven't played with the Naos 7000, but if it's anything like the Naos 8200 -- and the shape looks similar from the pics -- then it's one comfy rodent.

Inside is a gaming grade optical sensor that tops out at 7000 DPI. To ensure quick responsiveness, it comes with a new lift off distance (LOD) calibration feature that when combined with Mionix's Surface Quality Analyzer Tool (S.Q.A.T.) will detect the lowest possible LOD with optimized tracking.

Other features consist of 7 programmable buttons, mechanical micro-switches, customizable LED lighting system, four layers of soft touch rubber coating for maximum grip, and a 32-bit ARM processor clocked at 32MHz to support all those fancy tracking features.

The Mionix Naos 7000 is available to pre-order today for $80; it will ship out later this month.

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