Minoru 3D Webcam Has Double Vision, Looks Like ET

Maximum PC Staff

Image Credit: Novo

Have you ever thought to yourself “I like my webcam, but it really doesn’t look enough like a creepy little man staring at me over the top of my monitor?” If so, Novo has a new webcam that’s perfect for you. It’s called the Minoru (Japanese for “reality,” the website proclaims), and in addition to looking like a bright red extraterrestrial, it takes videos in anaglyph 3D.

That’s right, now you and your friends can slap on your favorite pair of red-blue shades and video chat in glorious, color-distorted 3D. The camera achieves the effect by capturing video with two lenses placed about as far apart as a pair of human eyes and combining the videos into a single, 3D stream. The camera will also be able to capture in plain old 2D, using just one lens.

Engadget reports that the device will be launching in December for less than $100.

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