MiniX Neo X5 Review



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It's a shame to see this review because when this review was released on March (or May), MINIX has upgraded the OS to 4.1.1 already (they upgraded since January in fact). Now they've released the 4.2.2 OS for public to test which added the new feature "wifi display" to support Miracast. Why I would describe this review as a shame is because it has ignored the fact that MINIX spent lots of effort to bring-in new features to the product such as they have paid for the PRO version of AirPin which costs US$4.90 on Google Play Store and turning this hub into a streamer that supports both AirPlay and DLNA for FREE (Google asking for US$35 with their Chromecast). I think he conducted the test with the very first stock firmware which was released last year. These time differences could lead to a very different review. I feel happy with a US$99 device that provides more updates and new features than my US$599 phone. ***To be fair***



Good review I am looking for this type of media player since I am not a fan of appleTV. Check this one out. I am waiting for it to arrive from newegg.


Peanut Fox

Does Apple know about this device?



My pet peeve with this machine is that MINIX is a POSIX-compliant operating System built on a microkernal. It was a heavy influence in the creation of Linux, and it's still around, used mostly as a tool to teach/learn about OS design.

MiniX and MINIX only differ by capitalization, and that doesn't matter on the Internet (or on their case, apparently). I think it's just bad form to use "minix" in a computing sense, so it bugs me. Maybe Gordon's rubbing off on me and I'm becoming a computing "grumpy old man."



My first thought too. How can they so quickly rip something like that off?