Minimise-Me Helps Windows Live Messenger Users Create Personalized Emoticons


Jealous of Dr. Evil's Mini-Me? Worried about running out of Hot Pockets if you had a miniaturized version of yourself? Stop worrying - you can now create your very own 2D "mini-me" for free with Minimise-Me .

Available at the MSN UK website (which explains the spelling), Minimise-Me offers two ways to spice up your Windows Live Messenger experience: you can create your own customized emoticon or character (that's my version of me at the start of this article), or you can choose from emoticons modeled after celebrities (see the story at the WinVista Club website for examples).

After you create your character or choose a celebrity lookalike, you download it to your system. A 300KB install program runs, and after it finishes, your customized character appears in your WLM dialog.

If the ability to create your own "mini-me" isn't enough to get you to try Windows Live Messenger, check out our recent overview of IM clients.

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