Microvision Brings SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector to U.S. Market

Paul Lilly

Microvision on Monday unveiled its Web store for U.S. customers for the SHOWWX laser pico projector, and plans to fully cut the ribbon later this month. According to Microvision, this is the world's first laser pico projector based on the company's PicoP technology in the U.S.

The company will offer two products when the store opens, including the Standard Edition SHOWWX and the Limited Edition SHOWWX promotional bundle. Both versions sport a native resolution of 848 x 480 (WVGA), plug-and-play use, "fiddle-free" infinite focus, a 5,000:1 contrast ration, a 60Hz refresh rate, 3.5mm stereo jack, and about 90-120 minutes of battery life when fully charged.

So what makes the Limited Edition different?

"The Limited Edition SHOWWX bundle is for the technology enthusiast and ultra-mobile media connoisseur," Microvision explains. "This special bundle comes with a personalized splash screen bearing the name of its owner, SHOWWX with 'Limited Edition' insignia, certificate of authenticity and a SHOWWX VGA dock plus other accessories not included with the Standard Edition."

The Limited Edition is available now for $1,000, while the Standard Edition will be made available on March 24 for $550.

Image Credit: Microvision

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