Microsofty Multimedia Fans, Mark Your Calendars for September 27


Media Extenders

On the Windows Vista front, Microsoft announced Wednesday a new generation of media extenders from Linksys, D-Link, and Niveus Media. The new Extenders for Windows Media Center connect TVs and home theater systems to systems running Windows Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate editions. The idea isn't exactly new: Linksys and D-Link have made various media extenders for Windows XP, but the new generation will include support for the latest technologies, including Wireless N high-speed wireless networking, support for HDTV, and support for Windows Media Video HD, DivX and Xvid video formats. The new extenders are also designed to support streaming of protected HD cable content to multiple extenders.

You can see pictures of the Niveus Media Extender from the CEDIA Expo last week at the website.

Internet TV

How about watching TV with your PC without using a TV tuner? It's coming to Windows Vista Media Center. Microsoft's preparing to roll out advertiser-supported TV via the Internet for Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate editions. has photos from the demonstration at the CEDIA Expo, and it looks as if MS will be offering TV sports, news, entertainment and movie trailers via WMC's TV & Movies menu.

Not Long Until the Waiting's Over...

The wait for more details will end on September 27, when Microsoft brings more details to light at New York's DigitalLife event .

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