Microsoft's Year of the Dragon Mouse: Choose Between Good Fortune and Joy or Wealth and Happiness

Paul Lilly

Microsoft is trying to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style with three new limited edition mice designed for the Year of the Dragon. Two of the three are customized Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 input peripherals, and the third rodent is an Arc Touch Mouse, each one stylized with a Year of the Dragon theme of some sort.

"The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Year of the Dragon will be available in red and gold, two meaningful colors. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes good fortune and joy that wards off evil and gold symbolizes wealth and happiness," Microsoft says .

Talk about a tough choice. The mice also feature a dragon design created by artist Nod Young, who drew his inspirations from the famous Nine-Dragon Wall of Beihai Park, a royal garden in China, and Dragon Ball.

The Arc Touch Mouse Year of the Dragon sports a paper-cut crouching dragon design by designer Lin Xu Pan. All three mice sport their respective artist's signature.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Year of the Dragon is available now for $30, and the Arc Touch Year of the Dragon will be available "soon" for $60.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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