Microsoft's Surface Team Reportedly Turns Attention to Smart Watch Design

Paul Lilly

Will the next battleground be your wrist?

Clearly the mainstream shopper is infatuated with mobile devices, hence the immense popularity of smartphones, tablets, and dedicated e-reader gadgets. If you're wondering what innovations are around the bend, look no further than your wrist. Apple is planning to launch a smart watch (iWatch), Samsung is working on one as well, and Sony is already there. Now we hear that Microsoft will compete for your time as well.

According to The Independent , Microsoft employees are a testing a prototype smart watch made from aluminium oxynitride, an expensive material that's also known as transparent aluminum. It's said to be three times harder than glass and stable at temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Celsius.

Here's the thing -- aluminum oxynitride costs about $20,000 per square meter, which makes us a little bit suspect that Microsoft's going down that road. Whatever material Microsoft ends up using, assuming it's working on a smart watch to begin with, you can bet that it will run some form of Windows 8 and be able to communicate with other Windows 8 devices.

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