Microsoft's SkyDrive Ups Individual File Size Limits, Adds Twitter And ODF Support

Brad Chacos

Microsoft's Metro-ified vision of the future relies heavily on users being able to access files and user settings no matter what Windows 8 device they're logged into. The SkyDrive cloud service will (obviously) be a large part of that cohesion. Gearing up for that, the SkyDrive team announced a handful of new features for the service. It's not the unlimited storage space for docs and photos that has long been rumored, but the changes are good ones nonetheless.

First up, OpenOffice lovers will be relieved to hear that files saved using the Open Document Format are now supported by SkyDrive's Office Web Apps, meaning you can fully view and edit the files in-browser. (I just tried it out and it works great.) Another improvement is just as major, if not moreso; the individual file size limit has been boosted to 300MB, up from the previously paltry 100MB cap. Finally, users can now share files with Twitter from the Web interface, and if Windows Phone users Tweet pics, the links will now be shortened to a new "" URL, replacing the previous massive link URLs.

Don't lose hope for unlimited storage space for docs and photos just yet, though: the SkyDrive team says they "have some really big things coming soon."

Thanks to TheVerge for pointing this out !

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