Microsofts Files Cloud Migration Patent

Paul Lilly

There have been a number of data flubs in the past year that serve to underscore the risks associated with cloud computing. For Microsoft, they've also presented an opportunity to add to its patent portfolio. Specifically, the software giant has a filed a patent that appears to cover moving data to a new cloud under a number of scenarios. These include situations in which the existing service has failed, the provider has gone out of business, or if the user is able to find a better deal elsewhere.

In the filing, Microsoft outlines an architecture that involves executor, detection, organizer, and summary components that will receive and verify notices that a cloud service is going to be terminated, find the applicable data and service, prioritize it all, and finally give a summary, The Register reports.

Microsoft's well-timed filing coincides with increasing concerns over the need to make applications portable, as well as data between different clouds.

You can read the complete filing here .

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