Microsoft's Clippy Makes Dramatic Return in Office 2010 Thriller

Maximum PC Staff

Microsoft’s adverts have been getting stranger and stranger, and their offering for Office 2010 is no different .

The advert comes packaged as a trailer for the action flick, “Office 2010: The Movie.” The basis for the film is simple, there’s a rogue font on the loose that causes anyone reading it to fall into a state of hypnosis and believe everything that they read. It’s then up to a mentally scarred agent to save everyone, despite the recent loss of his partner (Clippy). The trailer is filled with enough special effects to be a Michael Bay movie, and comes with nerd humor all along the way. So, if you’re interested in checking it out, you can do so here .

As for actual information about Office 2010, Microsoft will be offering a technical preview later in the month. If you’re interested, you can find additional information on their site .

Image Credit: Microsoft

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