Microsoft's Annual Revenue Balloons to $60 Billion, Vista Doing Okay


Not a fan of Vista? You're not alone, but you might be outnumbered. Microsoft claims it has sold over 180 million Vista licenses since launch, and while the significance of Vista sales have always been a point of contention , Microsoft has some other numbers it can now throw around that aren't so easily disputed. These include :

  • $60.42 billion (revenue for fiscal year ended June 30, 2008)
  • 18 percent (revenue growth over one year ago)
  • $15.84 billion (fiscal fourth quarter revenue)
  • $5.68 billion (operating income, representing 42 percent growth over same period last year)
  • $0.46 (operating income, representing 48 percent growth over same period last year)

With Linux making headway as a viable alternative to Windows, it might come as a surprise to see Microsoft doing so well. But not only did Microsoft have a "strong finish in the fourth quarter, which capped off an impressive year for the company," but Chris Liddell, CFO at Microsoft, expects "another year of double-digit revenueand earnings growth in fiscal year 2009."

Can Microsoft keep it up post-Gates and post-XP ?

Image Credit: Microsoft

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