Microsoft Yanks Patch Tuesday Kernel Update Containing a BSOD Bug



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Hmm I have KB2975719, since August 13.. no issues to report yet, system is stable.



I came to see "M$/Micro$soft" bashing.

I was not disappointed. But I'm still upset.



Why do you seem to have a problem with users posting their dislike about MSFT? From reading your posts (on many MSFT articles), you seem to take it personally as if the posts are direct at you.

Don't people have a right to vent & post their many negative experiences with any product or service from a corporation? Or would you have them, silenced and just be happy with what's given to them?

As one that supports & services all OS's, I believe MSFT has earn the bad reputation they've made for themselves. People have paid good money over the years, for sub par software, that has frustrated users, since it's inception. Hence the backlash we see these days is a result of 'cause & effect'.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking you, I'm just curious why you take it so personally?



Yes people have a right, but they often abuse that right by talking about things they don't know or understand. But then again, the customer is always right.

Also how is Windows subpar? And why are you still using it? Go use the "superior" Mac OS X which "never" has a problem. Or Linux which has "no issues" whatsoever. I'm pretty sure you'll have a lovely experience.

Really it's the outspoken few who scream the loudest that I like to poke at. They've taken it personally to bash the OS they keep using. Which makes me chuckle, people hating something so much but they still use it.

It's also really easy to write crappy code, and then blame the system, not your software when poop hits the fan.

To me, there's really not enough information to go around to explain why this happened. All we know is the latest Patch Tuesday update has a bug on the kernel level. Maybe it was thoroughly unit/regression tested but there was enough corner/edge cases to make enough people upset. Maybe management being what it is was pushing for updates to roll out on time and testing couldn't be done as well as the developers wanted. Maybe there was a bug all along and nobody caught it in time.



Of course the majority of average users don't understand, if they did they wouldn't need Windows. They're complaining about their experience with the product. Have you ever heard someone complain about their car problems? It's the same thing. Mechanics or hobbists are the only ones that can really understand.

Windows is subpar when it comes to stability, security & speed-over-time, starting at the kernel level, there's no dying that. Mac OSX & Linux out class it there, that's not to say they don't have issues of their own. And out of the 3 OS's, Windows costs the most (a lot more!) and yet has the most problems! Granted Windows also has way more software, features and bells & whistles than Mac OSX & Linux.

I use it because I have to use it for my job, not because I want to use it. I mostly use it for gaming, learning the newer versions or testing software, I rarely boot into Windows unless I have to. Hence the reason why I personally don't have any issues with it. The less software you have on it, the better it runs.

I primarily use Linux, but also use Mac OSX a lot too (mostly for working with media or coding). Usually, I need to get things done quickly without any headaches and those 2 do it best for me personally. This seems to be the difference between us, I use them all, yet it sounds like you only use the one.

I disagree that the outspoken are few, most don't bother to post on the internet. The majority that walk into my shop or I walk into their place of business are constantly complaining. Part of my job intails being a therapist and defusing temper tantrums. I would rather people hate on an OS or corporation than another human being.

All 3 OS's have crappy coded software so that point is kind of moot. Although I will say that Mac OSX has the least out of the 3.

NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION is the biggest problem! MSFT's lack of honesty & transparency is why users don't understand and hate them. Your theories are interesting and one them maybe correct, but who knows? What kind of a company releases an untested update? Makes you wonder?

I would like to THANK YOU for being civil and explaining yourself with class for the most part (something that's missing on the interweb these days). It's been interesting discussing this topic with you!




I came to see the M$ fanboys crying and making excuses for their beloved company...

and I was not disappointed with your post!



Yep, if you want to waste precious hours of your life fixing a Windows PC, buy another one.

What a joke you have become, MSFT!



Does MS test these patches before releasing them? How embarrassing!



This is why I do "NOT" use automatic updates on any Microsoft OS! I have all my computers that run a M$ OS using the "notify me that an update is available" setting. This gives me the option to chose when to download and install a M$ update. I wait at lease 2 weeks before I install any update from M$.

Running a Microsoft OS set up to use automatic update is like running a M$ OS without an antivirus program.



Great job Microsux. You only trashed two out of six pc'S in the house. You are batting .333 but this ain't baseball. I was smart enough to know updates = crashed computers, and that the logical step was to call in Mr Peabody and the Wayback Machine to undo what you did.....but what about all of those average Joe's out there who have probably destroyed their machines by now? Oh, that's right, they have decided to learn Linux or to go buy a Mac, and you deserve those losses. Have you morons ever heard of of a test bed lab?

New Pres at Microsoft? Show some backbone and apologize for the idiots that work for you without the use of your parrots!!!!!!




This was a rather unfortunate bug to get bit by. I had this happen on my way out the door for school. I had to figure out how to boot into my computer with no microsoft support article. Just found a forum post where some MS MVPs were helping somebody through it.



MSFT's woes continue...

And this company is suppose to be the cream-of-the-crop, with regards to premium propriety software & cloud services?

I've said it before & I'll say it again... With the premium price tag MSFT charges for their software & services and with the unlimited amount of funds & programmer resources they have available to them, these are the results their customers receive for their hard earned money & brand loyalty?



oh the irony
the website page this redirects to has invalid security certificates and firefox refuses to open until you issue an exception to the security to allow the damn thing to open!
Come on M$ fix your stuff once just one time before we patch and return and fix again!



It's not even an HTTPS link, so how exactly is that possible?



On all W8 PCs and server 2012 R2. No issues.



Works fine for me.



oops !