Microsoft Teams with Geek and Sundry to Offer Surface Pro 2 Gaming Bundle



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Your going to highlight gaming on the Surface 2 with ... farming simulator?

Good luck with that!



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Yeah those two game choices are on my not interested and wouldn't waste the time downloading them because they would be the first things deleted to make room for random meme's I found humorous but most likely never view again. Or to just have the space for nothing. The surface tablet is not supported by enough apps or usable functions beyond surfing the internet on a software plat form I wholly do not like working with. I work in IT and the few people that have one are more trouble trying to integrate them into the network and then asking annoying questions on why it doesn't work like their pentium 4 desktop. Just an expensive paper weight form Microsoft. I would maybe consider getting the most basic and cheapest one for my child to use or just to surf the internet if and only if they offered two free games of my choice for an XBox One or my PC with a two year season pass for the games and two years of XBox Live Gold membership and a controller with rechargeable battery pack. Then I might consider it but other than that it's just plain rubbish and stupidity for MS to believe this will help booster sales or attract new customers away from much more user friendly and useful iPad or Android tablet. Honestly I'm sorry for wasting my time reading this dribble but felt compelled to comment on this based on it ludicrously thought out ploy by MS, plus what serious gamer would think of using a tablet for gaming knowing even top tier gaming laptops struggle with playing on medium settings for the popular FPS or RPG.



Well ts toofast I ran out of breath just reading your rant. Use paragraphs.



You "work in IT" yet can't integrate a Surface Pro into your network? What, you guys still using Novell or something?



i wouldnt game on a tablet. unless its casual shit like Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, 2048, etc



Yeah pretty much...but I do run a bunch of emulators on my Surface Pro when I'm not actually working on it. Old school 8 and 16 bit console gaming is still fun though ;)



I am not interested in any computer or tablet that has Win8 on it.



"Microsoft is hoping to convince gamers to purchase a Surface Pro 2 tablet by giving away some free games and accessories."




REAL Gamers don't purchase tablets for gaming. Tablets are for Media Consumption & Lite Duty. Such as Web Surfing, wasting your life on Facebook, Listening to Music, & watching a few Videos. They are not for playing serious Games. Only games that should be on these Tablets are underpowered cut back butchered titles that take up as little of your precious 64GB* as possible. (*Storage Space Varies by model)



Sales are so bad that they have to do this? Maybe another Zune in the offing?



"PC gamers who purchase any variant of the Surface Pro 2 . . . "

. . . aren't PC gamers. They're couch tards.

PC gaming isn't something Microsoft gets to redefine in order to sell their little toys.

Run Battlefield 4 on that thing, please.



If Notebook Check's benches are reliable, an i5-4200u with 4 GB RAM and Intel's 10-series drivers can crank out 27 fps on High and 36 on medium at 1366x768. Too bad it doesn't mention whether that's using dual channel RAM.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Farm Simulator? No Way!



Personally I was hoping for Goat Simulator...


maverick knight

I though you were joking, goat simulator is an actual game. LOL



Does the controller even work yet? I haven't heard any new on it in a while. I've been waiting eagerly though.
Oh, its probably the old one.
Yup its the old one.



I really am waiting until they figure out soem way to dock surface with a discrete graphics card. I think it might be the perfect solution at that point.



It could happen if the thunderbolt port was implemented. It has the data bandwidth for a discrete graphics card. Throw in an external enclosure with an adjustable power brick and you could have a mobile monster on your hands. That would be cool to see.


Renegade Knight

Take your basic tablet and plug it into the solution you need? That would be nice.



I know right? How cool would that be, to make some kind of bus that would plug a tablet into a powered dock that could boost your RAM, GFX, Storage or whatever you need, then on the go grab the basic functioning tablet?

That is the one device to rule them all that will never get made.


Bullwinkle J Moose

It's not feasable

The better solution is using a tablet to control a quadcore computer with high end graphics card in a back room crunching the big numbers and streaming a compressed video output back to your tablet

you will need a real computer to handle real graphics with the best games at playable speeds

content consumption on a tablet does not require external graphics

only games or content creation which both require a real computer

who wants to wait another 10 years for tablets to equal the current tower when the quickest route to get that performance is to control what we already have from our current tablet

Go figure

controlling the latencies seems easier than waiting forever

I said Go Figure!



Did you write not feasIble?

Also writing/referring to a real computer?

Also stating, "waiting" *another* ten years for tablets to equal a *current* tower computer.

Let me go through a few of those misconceptions...

Although not exactly a tablet, there are many mobile options out there which outdo most any tower that does not have liquid cooling. Take a glance through current laptops such as the twelve core Eurocom's/

But then again there's also current tablets... There's more than ne tablet on the market that does have an I5 chip, such as the Toughbook 19, a type of laptop that converts completely over to a tablet.

Also by the end of the year, there will be two newly released tablets that offer I7's. One other manufacturer is even working on a tablet with a six core I7.



I hope you are trolling. I would put up my PC:

FX-8350 OC 4.6GHZ
Crosshair V Formula
16GB GSkill Sniper 1866mhz RAM
WD Caviar 2TB HDD
Crucial 64GB SSD (OS)
XFX 7950 X2 Crossfire
3X HP2711x Eyefinity Display
Corsair TX850 PSU
Logitech G710+ keyboard / G500 Mouse
Plantronics Gamecom 780 Headset
Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit
Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Case

...which is not high end, against ANY tablet or "gaming notebook." It provides a unique and entertaining experience that no mobility device can. It is not "liquid cooled" in your limited definition. Also, it costs less than most entry level gaming laptops (not including peripherals), which you would buy for a gaming laptop anyway.

I think streaming can be done. Onlive was onto something. But hey, go play BF4 on your Toughbook. Even you're i7s are not the same as the 4770k's that are in "towers." Not until you get into the $2000+ desktop replacement types.


Bullwinkle J Moose

regardless of whatever laptop or tablet you can get by the end of the year for Ten Grand, you will always get much better performance for a lower cost by fixing the latency issues with game streaming


90%.....scratch that, let's try does 80 sound?

80% of the streaming issues can be easily addressed with in game overlays that can set all the game parameters for you to get the best streaming experience for a specific tablet in a specific game

you will never get the "Current" performance to dollar benefits from upgrading your tablet that you would get by fixing a few latency issues

fixing a few latency issues may require some hardware improvements but you could get several years of performance gains at a small fraction of the cost over upgrading a tablet's cpu and graphics hardware and still getting all day battery life

Right now, I would guess that you could get 3 - 5 minutes of battery life playing "real" games on a tablet at performance levels equaling my tower so you can just forget about batteries with your 12 core whatchamacallit

I don't know why I'd want or need 12 cores running at 1.2 Ghz or so when all my games are better optimized to play on only 4 cores running at 4 Ghz anyway