Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Earns Major Kudos From DisplayMate



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Arthur Dent

This would be the perfect companion for a desktop PC/heavy desktop replacement laptop, but it's just too expensive for a secondary computer.



I have the thinkpad yoga lenovo tablet...
it is solid, feels good. However I played with the surface the other day. I think if you rarely type on your keyboard with the laptop and instead plug it into a monitor at work and then go on the road the surface is a great thing. First off it feels good, the magnet keyboard attaches solidly, and the docking station is better then the Thinkpad which is small and light and tips over etc when attached to cables like monitor and keyboard etc. Also the docking station for the surface holds your surface in a vertical position saving desktop space. Having a 2 year warranty on the surface allows you to just bring it into a store vs shipping it to lenovo depot. I must say that if the Surface 3 was out a couple of months earlier I would of purchased it over the lenovo as the lighter weight makes it even more flexible then the thinkpad yoga