Microsoft Reportedly Testing Free Windows Phone Licenses in India



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Does anybody actually like Microsoft's Live Tile UI ??



Say what you will about dual boot option. I'm all for it! I like the idea of choosing which Os I want to boot to on my phone. I own an andriod now but I think the windows phone was pretty cool when I demo'd it. I went with this galaxy note 3 because the large screen. IPhone just isn't working for me worth that dink screen. Imagine this phone on Windows os and it integrates seamlessly with you pc. I for one appreciate interoperability. One thing Apple and ios do fairly well. Google needs to work out some issues with andriod bugs. Otherwise i love Android and would use it a lot. Add the dual booting!!



"One thing that's interesting about the deals reportedly being doled out by Microsoft is that they trump even what the software maker was willing to offer Nokia, which itself is believed to have paid between $20 to $30 for each Lumia device it sold."

Which is all the more a reason to scrutinize the Nokia buyout deal to see if MS purposely devalued Nokia handset business to buy it.

That said, I read that one of them was going to offer a dual boot Android/Windows Phone. How long until Google stops that?