Microsoft Patches out AutoRun for USB Devices



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Ah, all the fun of buying a cheap couple dollar USB drive, putting a real good pic of your X and plugging it into a public compter for all the employees and customers to see... Ahh, those were the days. How we will miss you.



Accelerator pedals in cars are dangerous; they should be delivered to consumers in a disabled state.



Being that my school has the sucky McAfee Enterprise antivirus (forced for ALL Windows PCs ACROSS the district unfortunately), PLUS the fact that flash drives are the de-facto way of getting schoolwork to and from home and school, AND the autorun vulnerability with XP (which we STILL run on the majority of the PCs), I would imagine at least a lot of the machines infected with malware are due to this, because the XP Pro machines have the AutoRun dialog pop up when a flash drive is inserted--major issue. The Group Policy, which was assembled and deployed ACROSS the district by an IT contractor the district hired, allows AutoRun and can run executables on the flash drive (and there's many other vulnerabilities, too). Since I'm just a student helping the school's IT department as an elective, I really have no say anyways. Besides, the Active Directory  with the student and staff accounts from ALL schools is located across town in the administration building, and the IT people at the schools cannot change the AD settings. This update should help somewhat, though.



The unwashed mass's what? meant "masses".

I can't think of a time I've used autorun with USB drives...even with PortableApps, I still have to select from a menu of options instead of blindly running whatever is there.


Mighty BOB!

I always disabled it with TweakUI.  I wonder how many people will miss having it on?