Microsoft Office Mobile for Android Arrives



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Microsoft Office Mobile for Android is finally published - only for subscribers of their outrageously expensive Office365. That's a bummer for people who bought a traditional copy of the suite.

To run it, you need a smartphone with at least Android 4, and it doesn't work with tablets :(

The paucity of options is frustrating - I tried out the similar iOS version and could only do very light edits, like do bold text, or change the background color (and not much else).

With these limited features, it's pretty impossible to really work on the go with it, in fact it's just not much more than a viewer.

If you're looking for a real office suite for Android that deserves the name, try out SoftMaker Office Mobile (TextMaker Mobile, PlanMaker Mobile, Presentations Mobile, also available separately in the Play Store): This is a full-featured office suite which I use on my tablet, it has so many editing and formatting options that it replaces now largely my heavy notebook, and it displays all kinds of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats absolutely true to original. I can highly recommend it, and won't use this new Microsoft crap.



Why pay $90 a year when you can get an iOS or Android app that reads/edits Office files for $20 with free updates? Microsoft lost their collective corporate minds!



Seems like too little too late. There are already better Office apps for Android than the one Microsoft released and they don't require a subscription.



Being able to read documents on a cell phone is ok, but why would anyone want to work with Office Documents on their tiny little cellphone screen????



Sweet! There have been times over the last few months I have wished for this capability.