Microsoft Offers Tips to Tear Your Family and Friends Away from Windows XP



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Now I'm elite. I guess that a compliment.

Oh there you go again with the insults. Guess when you don't have no rebuttals or anything to add to the discussion, resort to name calling. Oh I wait, I know why. You got served.



Also, my original comment was about how MS treats it's users, not about me not using win 8 (which I do btw)

So that's 4 huge failures on your part from one comment.

You parents must be so proud of you.



I agree with Carlidan. Its a 14 year old OS. No matter what, if you're sportin that on a new pc then something is seriously wrong. You shouldn't have to buy new software every couple years but if your using 10 year old graphics software or whatever then your more frugal than i am. I can see XP being useful on something Circa Pentium 3 up to a Core 2 duo but anything over that then XP is worthless. A true gamer isn't using XP due to Direct X10 or higher needs. Some older fun games just require an old OS, and that's fine for those "off occasions" you get an itch to play it. Frankly its time to retire it and Microsoft did the consumer and business/corporations a favor by adding support for it up to April 2014, otherwise it should have been mothballed in 2009 as planned. If your peripherals are made for XP and you can't get drivers - then its probably time to part ways with it. My 8 year old printer had to go. It worked ok on W7, but i didn't have full software support as they didn't make it for anything over XP. My webcam from 2004 - resolution left much to be desired, and my scanner from 2002 can't do half of what my multi-function printer can handle today and it only worked on Windows XP. I got sick of booting a VM to use it too. Its a simple matter of fact that XP is done and like anything in the world of capitalism - they do this to make money and rightfully so. Vista was horrible, but they fixed it, W8 wasn't as bad as vista but not far off, 8.1 is better than 8 but half assed with a worthless start button. XP is light weight but to damn old. W7 is excellent and provides the best of XP and Vista. Fact is, W7 is superior. Linux is fun to explore but to hard for someone who don't know shit about computers, and mac os x is, well, mac os x. I like it, but i prefer windows.

Windows 8.1 works fine with a start menu addon. I use stardock and never see metro. I resisted it at first, but now i find it to be nice. I never used half the little shit windows 7 had, however W7 is a proven OS and I do use it on other machines and for anyone other than myself I buy W7 OEM keys for builds for other people. And frankly, if Windows 8.1 or even W7 isn't working properly - then your shit is probably to old. And lets face it, its probably time to upgrade your software and/or hardware too.