Microsoft May Not Bring Back Start Menu Until Windows 9



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funny got the start button back last update July 8th I believe. Yet no one reports it. So yes we got it back in Windows 8 not 9. For all the reporting of when its not i figured someone would write at least something small saying it is back



Its amazing to see all of these grown people acting like little brats because they aren't getting what they want.



Windows 10 Cloud based game over......

Windows 9 based on windows 7

Windows 8 Sony cameras don't work mouse problem windows Apps don't install X-box video joke.

That warez site calling Microsoft Microshaft is correct by all accounts.



Oh...yeah...let's all jump on board with what a "warez" site says. LOL!!

Given your punctuation deficit, I really have no idea what you are trying to say about Win8.

Since Win8 is based on Win7, is there a problem with Win9 being based on Win7 also?

I wonder what your understanding of "cloud based" is? As far as I know, MS hasn't defined what that might mean except that your content (programs, apps, settings, stuff like that) will be available across multiple devices. Do you see that as a bad thing? A "game over" thing? I don't.



LOL! This doesn't surprise me!

It has gone beyond shooting themselves in the foot. Now they have a machine gun going full bore at both feet.

M$ can't do anything to Windows 8 that will get me to buy it. In fact I have had to come to the realization that I'll be using Windows 7 till maybe Windows 11 or 12. Of course if they are still in business!



I am actually looking forward to Windows 9 based on their release history of the last 16 years:

Windows 98 was great
Windows ME sucked
Windows XP was great
windows Vista sucked
Windows 7 is great
Windows 8/8.1 sucks
Windows 9 should be good

I don't want to use a 'fix' to bring back the start menu and I don't understand why MS can't release an Ultimate version with the damn start menu intact.



I hope



Ah, the "Microsoft Good-Bad-Good Release-Cycle Theorem." Nobody's ever said this before. Thanks.


Sir Hobbes3

Well it does seem to be the norm here... and seeing as your profile pic is "Maximum Mac" i don't see why you care anyways.



...because some people can honestly use multiple platforms and not give a rat's ass about choosing a side in some imaginary dork battle between major tech corporations.



Sounds like I won't be using Windows 9, either.

I wonder how many versions of their operating system will tank before they pull their collective heads out of their collective asses?

I bet Steam machines will be rolling out around the same time. If I can run an office suite and graphics suite, I'm done with Microsoft. Forever.



Microsoft will not admit a mistake, instead they are force feeding us something that we clearly do not want. I believe that MS is counting on Win8 to sell there useless Surface tablet. I have tried to type on the Surface keyboard and it is not a likeable experience. I guess MS feels that in the future everyone will have a tablet and the PC will be dead so Win8 is getting us ready for that. I will stick with Win7 and if Win9 is just another version of Win8 then it is time to consider another operating system.



^Agreed with the first sentence (for the most part).

"...migrated to their land of milk and honey."

I assume they're talking about getting used to the Metro Interface as if it's the next best thing. Newsflash: it confuses the mess out of people who are not even computer savvy (moreso than the old interface). Regardless, they're not going to admit they messed up with this. I am sure folks like it and have adjusted to it, power to you. I've learned to navigate and deal with it on a day to day, but I will never use it as my OS on my home system.

I see Windows 8 trying to re-invent the wheel and horribly failing. Seriously, they tried to be innovative to the point to where it just breaks what wasn't broken to begin with.



Who actually cares about Microsoft anymore? I wouldn't expect good things from them anytime soon.



Yet another reason not to touch Windows 8. I'll keep my Windows 7 PC, thanks.



I was just going to post the same thing. No way I will give up my Windows 7.



Doesn't really matter.. As long as Start8 still works - which it does then I could care less what effort Microsoft makes to return a stock start menu. Windows 8.1.1 works just fine for me. I don't see metro unless I got into it; the OS is stable and functions just fine. What I'm more interested in knowing is when Aero will make its grand re-emergence and what enhancements 8.1.2 is going to bring when its released. If windows 9 is a cloud based os then they can forget about me making the upgrade to that. I have no interest in putting my crap out on the net.




I want to know what else is coming. Nobody seems to want to talk about that. All they mention is a useless Start Button/Menu.

In regard to Aero, I'd love to see it come back. I can understand MS taking it out because Win8 is intended to be used over a broad range of devices...many that don't have the overhead in terms of resources to handle it. But if MS would make Aero available as an optional add-on, then those of us who have a computer that can handle it could decide to use it or not.



It's not so much Aero or the Start Menu in themselves. It's the fact that Microsoft is stripping features out of the OS to suit the weakest platform they'd like to support. While failing to improve the platform I'm actually using.

I'll judge Windows 9 by two criteria: 1) does it fully exploit my PC hardware, without any regard for the limitations of any other platform? and 2) does it bring real improvements in efficiency, usability, reliability and most importantly CAPABILITY over Windows 7? If not, I'll know that Microsoft has truly lost its way.



Are you saying that Win8 or Win9 do not fully exploit your PC's hardware? Is Aero your example of such failure? Aero is eye-candy. Nothing more. As I said, I'd like to see MS make Aero available for those, like me, who's hardware can handle it, but the lack of Aero, in no way, diminishes the OS. Or is it that Start Button/Menu. Fear not if you can't live without will be getting it back. In any case, the start button has nothing to do with your hardware.

And, are you saying that Win8 does not bring real improvements in efficiency, usability, reliability or capability to your PC hardware over Win7? If so, then I say that you don't know much about Win8.

Nobody knows anything about Win9, but I think it would be kind of stupid to fear that Win9 will be LESS effective than Win8.



....the casual users would never have migrated to their land of milk and honey," Miller explained.

(snicker, snort, teehee)

Yeah, milk and honey!

(chortle, lol, guffaw)







STOP it already! I can't take it anymore! My sides are hurting from all the laughing. I'm getting 'laugh face' too.
Good Lord, that was funny!!!! Milk and honey!! (giggle)

That's funny right there. I don't care where you're from.



We saw this first with Windows Vista.

Introducing Windows 9!

Windows 9 Metro Edition
Windows 9 Windows Edition
Windows 9 Metro Pro Edition
Windows 9 Windows Pro Edition
Windows 9 Ultimate Metro Windows Edition



Can't wait! I sure do love camping out in the start menu!!



"Follow the money..."

I haven't heard anything yet, but I would guess the reason why Microsoft is dragging its feet is to give users a reason to upgrade to Windows 9. This would (in their minds) encourage more "Metro" development (Not likely to happen.) While this wouldn't be a major feature, it would be something visible to the users, which would count for something. (When your business has its head in the clouds - not CLOUD, as in the computing type - anything is possible. For all we know, the lead programmers on the Start menu have a bug crawling up their butts...)



Don't need a start menu anyway, plenty of more functional options available.



I don't even want to see the comments that are soon going to fill this post



You can download a start button fix at It's not perfect but works fairly well.



Screw the Start Button/Menu.

I want to know what ELSE is going to be in Win8.1 Update 2 and Win9.