Microsoft Formally Acknowledges Windows 8.1 with Bing



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All I'm asking is: when was the last time Microsoft gave an OS away for free? This smacks of desperation, to me.




While I agree, to me it's a desperation move, I thought they gave away XP to put on Netbooks to stem the tide of Linux. Or am I wrong?



Maybe if they paid me and took out metro - oh forget it. Win8 is terrible. I have many friends who bought new notebooks with Win8 pre installed and everyone removed it and bought Win7 and installed it. It was a lot of work and they were really pissed. I just bought a new Lenovo W530 and I got Win7 installed from the factory. I do not want a tablet style operating system on my desktop or notebook. Metro sucks big time.



I have to agree with Scatter.

I've had Win8 and all the updates since release. The only time I see the Start Screen is when I press that little Windows key on my keyboard...which I do from time to time.

You and your friends could have easily saved yourselves time, money and being really pissed by just setting Win8 to never boot to the Start Screen. Then, if you never hit that little Windows key, you'd never see it. Heck, you could probably very easily convince yourself that you are still using Win7. Shouldn't be hard to do since you've so easily convinced yourself that Win8 is a "tablet-style" OS. It's really not, you know.

Oh, well. To each his own.




I've been running windows 8/8.1 for about a year now and never even see Metro



So when will the HP 7 Plus with Windows 8.1 with Bing be available for $99.



I still won't take it even if it's free. No way I'll ever use Windows 8 or 8.1



Free is still not enough to make me run Windows 8.1 with the retarded donkey Metro interface.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Dear Microsoft,

You are Still Not Listening!

Free is Only good if it's something you'd rather not get stuck with

Try a Windows2Go Version that's Portable AND Free ?

Make sure I can boot to ANY PC!

Not just sub-9" pre-installed tablet crap I never wanted in the 1st place

and Lose all that Registration Bullshit....
We won't be needing it if Windows is not being used as a Government Spyware Platform

They're still not listening to me!

Why won't they listen to me?
I'm not THAT big of an asshole am I?

You'd think that if Microsoft really wanted to give it away to retain market share, then they would have given it away to everyone, but NOOOOO

You need to buy another computer as well and then be stuck with Windows instead of it being an "option"

Remember when we had "options" ?
Ahhh those were the days



Speaking of donkeys, I hear several braying in the comments section.



Try to tell me Ballmer's drones aren't still running that company exactly as he wants them to.

Must be more exciting to put the plane into the ground than simply keep it in the air.



I'll wait and see what the actual hardware looks like, it's capabilities and it's price before I form any kind of opinion on this thing.



When the product ends up being a total donkey the best way to jam it down everyone's throat is to ...

Give free donkey rides.
Everybody likes *free* !



Netscape fiasco 2.0.

It only took a few years for them to try again.