Microsoft Finalizes Design of Kinect for Windows Version 2 Sensor



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I could never understand why Microsoft wastes so much money developing and trying to push something most people don't want. What reason could I want this thing in my Computer? Why would I need it??


Bullwinkle J Moose

When the time comes when you can don some 3d goggles and replace your partners face with someone else when having sex, they might sell



this is a joke, right? What do you want kinect for your PC for? At the consumer level that is, I hear great things are done with them in ORs and the like. Is this to help those of us without touchscreens learn to like metro?



The average consumer probably won't want one (barring some must-have application or game), but for modders and tinkerers, there's some cool things you can do with Kinect on a PC. Our sister site PC Gamer has an article on Kinect Hacks for the PC, and you can find more examples all over the web.

It's not something I care to fool with myself, though I love seeing how others manipulate the technology. Microsoft's essentially throwing those folks a bone.


Peanut Fox

V1 connect had some interesting things going on with it's community. Skyrim saw some motion and voice mods that did wonders for that interface.

I know there was some motion capture experimentation going on, which I could see being really nice as a budget way to work mo-cap into 3D projects.

It's a good move for Microsoft in general, as it allows for 1 to 1 first party PC and Xbox One games that make use of connect. So if the next game from Microsoft makes use of connect in any way, users on both the PC and Xbox One platforms can make use of it.

For the most part they're just repurposing hardware from the XboxOne, so it's not as if this will cost them a lot on the investment side.