Microsoft Corrects Stance on Email Scanning



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Lets calm down a bit here...just because a company looks at an email account, lets not just blindly scream "OMG MY PRIVACY OMG I BLAME OBAMA". Think of the context: this person was stealing from Microsoft using Mirosoft's own servers. Microsoft was well within their rights to look at the data. If you aren't stealing from them, then what do you have to worry about?

I understand that privacy is a touchy subject, but honestly...if you want privacy, then host your own email servers. Don't demand privacy then willingly give your data away to the Facebooks and Googles and Microsofts out there.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Don't you mean "MY" servers

If Microsoft bought those servers from profits licensing software not rightfully theirs to sell or license, then they are not Microsoft's servers

Mind if I take a look at all the other malware Microsoft stole from me to use in "their" (I mean My) Operating System?

Those servers are at least as much mine as they are Microsoft's and if you disagree sir, then YOU are an idiot!



No offense, but what are you talking about? I didn't get anything out of that extremely long post that made sense to me. Do you think Microsoft stole from you or something?


Bullwinkle J Moose

Keep Reading....

It's self explanatory
If Microsoft can do this to anyone, then anyone can do it to Microsoft

You do want a level playing field don't you?



Another person who doesn't know what transpired. Thanks.


Bullwinkle J Moose


It's for you!


Led Weappelin

President Jimmy Carter uses snail mail not email when he wants to send a message to heads of state. For real.



I believe what they were trying to say was, "we make the law, we break the law". "What are you going to do it about it" ? "Sucker"!


Bullwinkle J Moose

Dear Microsoft

I suspect as many others do, that Microsoft has been stealing sourcecode without compensation or recognition to the authors and that you have been using stolen sourcecode in all versions of Windows for which you have profited from other people's work without compensation to the original authors and you have been entering into illegal Licensing Agreements with end users of what you claim is your product, to use said product in violation of the the original authors rights and to try to nullify the original authors rights by keeping "THEIR" sourcecode CLOSED and inaccessible to inspection

I and many others suspect that individuals at Microsoft have turned Windows into a Government Sponsored Spyware Platform using code that does not belong to them

Please indicate the correct Legal Procedure to investigate these allegations of theft by individuals working at and/or with Microsoft to nullify the original authors rights to their own code and turn Windows into a Global Spyware Platform

Failure to find a Legal remedy to these accusations is not an option

Unless Microsoft can show that the sourcecode to Windows is indeed the property of Microsoft, your Licensing Agreements shall remain NULL AND VOID

Failure to allow end users of Windows the option of securing Windows from spying by Microsoft and/or any other entity while at the same time failing to fully disclose such activity or possibility to the end users has also rendered your License Agreements NULL AND VOID!

We understand that Microsoft will dance around these issue's and change the subject but never respond in a manner acceptable to the end users or the authors of the code you may have used, so remember this....

You are out of time

We are no longer listening

You have no answer
and you have no License

So respectfully, Fuck Off and DIE already!


Bullwinkle J Moose

Was that out of line?

Let me rephrase it for those who think what Microsoft did was completely different....

The operating function of a lot of malware in Microsoft Windows looks identical to the operation of malware I created

From an authors perspective, it would appear that Microsoft has stolen my malware for which they (Microsoft) did not need the sourcecode to, as my malware was never released and is held under trade secret!

From WHO, EXACTLY and WHEN did Microsoft gain access to MY trade secrets

MANY of the malware concepts I have in Trade Secrets appear to be in Windows Operating Systems and I want some answers NOW!

What is the Legal procedure?

Since my secret malware appears to be used in Microsoft products without my permission, it appears that Microsoft is Licensing software that does not belong to them

Everyone using Microsoft Operating Systems should refrain from using them until the sourcecode is checked for infringing Trade Secrets and a Valid Licensing Agreement is made

If you wish to continue using Microsoft's illegally obtained software, you will each be billed $15 per day from this moment on
Your Internet connection can be terminated or your software blocked from the Internet until you do pay

You agree to these terms by your continued use of my software

If you disagree to these terms, you must stop using my software immediatly or you "may" be disconnected and/or fined for illegal and unlicensed use of my trade secrets

Mr Moose